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If you want to challenge an immigration decision of the Home Office, but have no right of appeal, our highly experienced team of Immigration Solicitors in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Chester can assist you to apply for Immigration Judicial Review.

The most complex area of Immigration Law is one which we thrive in. Our experience and expertise in the area allows us to make the best possible representations to the Upper Tribunal to fight on your behalf when no recourse has been given by the Home Office. If you have had a refusal with no right of appeal, you must contact us now to see how we can help you.

Judicial Review is a procedure whereby any immigration decision of the Home Office (or failure to make a decision) can be challenged on the ground that it is unlawful, unreasonable, has procedural problems or breaches human rights.

Claims for Judicial Review must be commenced promptly and within 3 months of the date of the Home Office decision. You will need to exhaust any alternative remedies first.

Apply for Immigration Judicial Review

Our team at Salam Immigration Solicitors provide professional legal advice and representation in relation to every aspect of pursuing Immigration Judicial Reviews, including:

  • Advice as to the merits of seeking permission to apply for Immigration Judicial Review.
  • Drafting of letters before claim / pre-action protocol letters.
  • Drafting of grounds for Immigration Judicial Review.
  • Preparation of court bundles for Immigration Judicial Review proceedings.

Our commitments to our clients

  • Direct access to leading Immigration Solicitors.
  • Expert knowledge of immigration law and procedure.
  • Honest and independent legal advice.
  • Professional and reliable service with fast response times.
  • Practical and affordable immigration solutions.
  • Consistent record of success and positive client feedback.

Need Help? Learn About Our Immigration Judicial Review Service.

Salam Immigration is a leading Immigration Law firm in the UK based in the major cities in the UK in order to be easily accessible for anyone in the UK. Each one of our clients receives legal advice and assistance directly from a qualified Solicitor throughout their proceedings.

  • Expert advice from an Immigration Solicitor as to the requirements of the Immigration Rules, Home Office Policy and Case-Law.
  • Letters before claim / pre-action protocol letters, Judicial Review Claim Forms, Statements of Facts, Grounds for Judicial Review and Schedules of Essential Reading drafted by an experienced Immigration Solicitor.
  • Assistance from an Immigration Solicitor with the preparation of Immigration Judicial Review bundles for service on the Court and the Government Legal Department.
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