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Expert Immigration Solicitors

Our team of lawyers deal with all aspects of immigration law for individuals and companies and are experts in both private and business cases. We can assist no matter what your situation, whether it is an application within the UK or sponsoring someone to join you in the UK from abroad. If you have been refused a visa and have a right of appeal we can help, if you have been refused and have no right of appeal then look no further we can still help.

Initial Consultation

In order to get your case dealt with by our team, discuss the details of your case, the options available and how we can help you, by calling us on.

Areas of Expertise

As this is our area of expertise we can assist you with:-

  • Entry clearance applications from abroad – such as visit visas, fiancé/spouse/marriage/civil partner applications
  • In country leave to remain applications or extension applications
  • Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) / settlement applications and appeals
  • EEA applications and appeals
  • Nationality/citizenship and registration as British Citizens
  • Asylum applications and appeals
  • Fresh asylum claims including Article 8 family life
  • Human Rights applications and appeals including Article 8 family life
  • Domestic violence applications and appeals
  • Long residence applications (10 year route and 20 year route)
  • Travel documents
  • Family reunion and appeals
  • Any other appeal from advising and lodging the appeal to full representation at court, including appeals inside the rules and outside the rules, in-country and out of country
  • Deportation applications and appeals
  • Bail Applications and hearings
  • Student Visas
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Employer Sponsorship Licences
  • Applications and Admin Reviews under the Points Based Scheme –Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5
  • Advice for small businesses and multinational companies seeking skilled staff from overseas
  • Entrepreneur and investor visas


We understand that the laws and policies of the Secretary of State for the Home Department can often be complicated; this makes it difficult to know what options are exactly available to you. With the ever changing nature of politics and policy change it means that the law changes even more frequently than how it did in the past, sometimes even without notice which directly affects people in the UK under permission granted by the Home Office. This coupled with the continuing abolition of many appeal rights it is important than ever before to ensure that you have legal representation when making an application or appealing against a decision.

At Salam Immigrations we aim to simplify the legal process and ensure that your interests are fully protected. We have extensive experience in dealing with UK Visas and Immigration (formerly UK Border Agency).

We encourage you to contact us with your queries. We strongly believe that no query is too small or trivial and we aim to help you find the most effective solution for your matter.

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